William the wanderer


June 3, 2013 by auntkatefirmin

If William Kinning (~1760-1805) and his wife Dorothy had a daughter Ann Martha, who was baptized in Tottenham in 1784, he was moving about every few years.  The locations on the map below are meant to indicate a general area.

William Kinning in Greater London.

William Kinning in Greater London.
20 miles around London c1800 via Mapco

William married Dorothy Abrahams at St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield, in 1781 – most central circle, inside the City.

Ann Martha was baptised at All Hallows, Tottenham, in 1784 – oval at the top of the map.  Six and a half miles north of St. Bart’s, this really makes me curious about William’s occupation.  What did he do that allowed him to work in such a variety of places?  Ann Martha is a recent discovery – thank you!  Due to the style of handwriting in the register, she was indexed as Ann Martha Thenning.

Mary (1787), Elizabeth (1789), and Sarah (1791) were all baptized at St. Mary, Newington – circle south of the Thames.

Robert (1794), William (1797), and Henry (1799) were baptized when the family was living just off Whitechapel Road – circle at the right.

Just a quick visual to put William & Dorothy in perspective.  Until there’s reason to think otherwise, we’ll continue to assume that all these children are part of one family.


2 thoughts on “William the wanderer

  1. I had a similar issue with a family that always was moving about Wiltshire during this same time period with several of their children being born in different locations. The father’s occupation when the children were young was a weaver, and it turned out they were quite poor and were living basements or undercrofts with cheap rent, just scrapping by to survive.

  2. Thanks. That is always a possibility and I hadn’t considered that one.

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