Remember me – a Stevengraph?

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June 29, 2013 by auntkatefirmin

My Dear Friend bookmark.

My Dear Friend: woven silk bookmark.

I don’t have the Firmin family Bible, but I do have a bookmark. It was sent by John Robert Firmin, Aunt Kate’s father, to his future wife Florence Long. The letter was undated and sent from the Stock Orchard Villas address, now part of the Caledonian Road.  My best guess is that the letter dates to some time between 1871 and 1874 based on the assumption that the family did not stay in that house after Emily (Hall) Firmin’s death in February 1875.

Just recently I came across an article on Stevengraph woven silk bookmarks which then sent me digging through the box for the actual bookmark.  Stevengraph bookmarks proved so popular that all of his designs were patented, so they are cataloged.

After examining the bookmark I didn’t need to check the catalog – it was clearly marked on the back E Bollans & Co. Leamington.  To see other bookmarks by this manufacturer (and others) check the link.

Florence had very few mementos of John and I’m delighted to be the custodian of this bookmark, and to have learned something more about it.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this side-trip into a little bit of Victorian culture as much as I have!

PS, here’s what got me started!


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