Kinning Conclusions – Two solutions

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July 5, 2013 by auntkatefirmin

With a little more help from the family (thank you again!) the picture of Sarah Kinning’s family is now reasonably clear.  Both her parents and the witness at her wedding appear to be identified.

The mystery Ann Kinning, witness at Sarah’s wedding, is probably be her older sister.  The focus in my earlier post was on the possibility that the witness was an older married woman. Still, I’ve now tracked enough Kinnings to be fairly confident that all these children belong to one family.  It is interesting that Sarah married before her older sister – perhaps when her father died her mother needed Ann to help support the younger children.

William Kinning in Greater London.

William Kinning in Greater London.
20 miles around London c1800 via Mapco

So, to recap, the family of William & Dorothy Kinning/Kenning (married in the City at Great St. Bart’s in 1781) consists of:

Ann Martha, 1784, All Hallows Tottenham
Mary, 1787, St Mary Newington
Elizabeth, 1789, St Mary Newington
Sarah, 1791, St Mary Newington
Robert, 1794, St George in the East, Morgan’s Buildings
William, 1797, St Mary Whitechapel, Charlotte Street
Henry, 1799, St Mary Whitechapel, Charlotte Street

The details are the year and church where each child was baptized together with any information on the parents’ residence at the time.

So, next up, what became of Sarah’s brothers & sisters?


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