Laundry Marks


March 27, 2015 by auntkatefirmin

I admire those who are able to streamline and pare down their possessions. I have a way to go!

Yes, that's a spot of chocolate. Everything at my house has chocolate on it!

A kitchen towel from the Firmin household in Carmel, showing the laundry marks.

Just the other day in the linens, I discovered this kitchen towel. It had been retired to the picnic suitcase, then moved to my house when my parent’s house was sold, but there’s a clue that tells me it had an earlier home.

Yes, that’s a laundry mark! I don’t recall just now when the Firmins moved to the little white house in Carmel, but it was an era when home washing machines were not as common. Somewhere with the other linens I have a white laundry bag that was put on out the porch, perhaps weekly, for pickup by the service that did the washing. As far as I know, even into the 1970’s the wash was picked up and delivered as the house never did have a washing machine or a laundry room.

The bag continued to serve its purpose for many years as I took it to summer camp with me and used it as my laundry bag. The towel was tucked away but today is hanging in my kitchen reminding me of the cozy breakfast nook in my grandparent’s house where I watched the cedar waxwings come to the suet feeders while eating my oatmeal.

Cedar waxwings in Arizona.

Cedar waxwings in Arizona.

As I continue to sort through boxes in the hopes of “lowering the level,” as my mother would say, I hope to share glimpses of the treasures I uncover.

2 thoughts on “Laundry Marks

  1. Alfred J. Firmin says:

    I think they moved to the little White House in the late 1940s. I was taken out of school in the third grade for scarletina for thirty days, and we went to Carmel for that time, and grandma and gramps Firmin were there then. A.J.Firmin

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