Paths cross


November 30, 2015 by auntkatefirmin

As part of my “tidying” project, I’ve been scanning more old photos including albums that belonged to my mother-in-law. Within a few months of a recent trip to London, I turned the page to find her photos of the London wall from nearly the same vantage point as mine.

London wall in spring 2015

London wall remnants from street level in 2015.

London Wall in 2015.

London wall remnants from wall level in 2015.

London Wall in 1980.

Zillah’s view of the London wall, taken from a spot just east of my street level view.

Restoration work has been done on the wall since the 1980’s, and a lovely garden is now planted in the sheltered spot in the center of Zillah’s view, but I recognized the location right away! It was a bit eerie.

The perspective from above ground level is due to the modern street, London Wall, being raised above ground level, but this is not so far from Cowcross and other streets that the Halls and the Blackfords would have known. Did they pass along London Wall in the course of their business?





One thought on “Paths cross

  1. Alfred J. Firmin says:

    Nice going !! I doubt that I will ever get to see them in person, so it is very nice to see them this way. Al Firmin

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