Amy’s first letter

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December 30, 2015 by auntkatefirmin

header from Amy Summer's stationery

May 24th 1948

My dear Katie

I hardly know how to commence my letter, but first I must thank you so very much for my lovely parcel I was so sad because my darling husband was not alive to share all the nice things – such luxuries these days here too. I so regret you came to England & did not find any of us.

I expect you will have a very long letter from one of my twin sisters (Mrs Savage) the other is a widow now living with me (let me whisper it) they are not quite normal & Laura here is very trying to live with. I have like Fan been careful all my live [sic] but these two, just simply didn’t bother as long as they don’t pay.

A very dear school friend of mine left me the money & I bought this little Bungalow, I am so thankful for my husband had been an invalid for 20 yrs & then quite a cripple with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I saw him off up the road in his chair & he never came back. I ache to write of it, he was such a kind man – I only had one daughter I enclose a snap, she has been married 11 yrs & now has her 1st baby a son 9 month old.

My dear her husband is a darling to me. I enclose a card he sent them to me for a surprise thought it would be easy for you to keep my address.  Fan & I have always been great pals, she is not far away but an awkward journey by bus. Could I send you some papers or periodicals. Gwen’s husband (John Haden) was conscripted for the army & a [?] he came out a Major, they are both very clever & of course expect the baby to be a super boy.

I will write you again soon & please can I send you anything Katie. I do Board Residence here when I can. I expect you had a book of news here from Nellie. You were named after my mother. Again so many thanks Katie. Amy Summers

[written sideways in the margin] oh what would I give for a chat to you.

-I have used italics where Amy underlined her words.
-I’m not certain how to interpret the reference to Board Residence but I think it refers to Amy keeping lodgers to make ends meet.
-Percy died in March 1948, just before this correspondence began.


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