John Bath, husbandman of Wootton Bassett

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May 1, 2017 by auntkatefirmin

With thanks again to cousin Liz, what follows is our best attempt at a transcription. Extended commentary and guesses as to the identity of Edith will follow in separate entries

Note the tomb of Reuben Horsell in the foreground.

The parish church of St Bartholomew and All Saints in Wootton Bassett. © Copyright Nick Smith and licensed for reuse under CC2.0

In the name of god Amen the last daye of October in
the yeare of  o[ur] Lorde God one thousand five
hundred nynetie and eight I John Bath of Wotton
Bassett in the County of Wiltes husbandman being
sicke in bodye but whole and p[erf]ect of memory
praysed be god therefore do make and ordayne
this my p[rese]nt testament conteyninge herein my
last will in manner and forme followinge First
I bequeathe my soule to allmightie god my maker
and Redeemer and my bodye to be buryed in the
churche yarde of Wotton Bassett aforesaid
when yt shall please god to calle me by his
visitac[i]on Secondelye  I do gyve and bequeath
to my two daughters Xpian Bathe and Edithe
Bathe all my goods and chattels whatsoever
[to insert:] except? my cowe? I give to Edith my daughter
?? moveable and immoveable [insertion mark] whom I do
ordayne make and Constitute my Executors
to devide the same equallie between them
And I do desire and appoint Adryan Fry
gent and my sonne in law John Parsons to be
my overseers to se[e] this my p[rese]nt testament and
last will fullfilled as my truste is in
them these witnesses hereunto desired and

Item I do gyve my sonne in lawe John Parsons a
Chayre w[hi]ch was his Fathers Chayre

witnessed Adrian Fry John Wallis
mayor and Robert Harbarte & John

[Probate information in Latin, dated 1609]

While, except for the inserted line which is a bit cramped, the handwriting is relatively consistent, there are some quirks. The writer tends to abbreviate words that begin with the letter P, including Psons for Parsons, pect for perfect and pnt for present, with nothing that I perceive as a marker to show that there was an abbreviation. I may not have captured the capitalization exactly, and I transcribe ff as F.

Related data:
-Burial of Alice Bathe, wife of John, in Wootton Bassett on 30 April 1598
-Burial of John Bathe in Wootton Bassett, not found
-Will of Adrian Frye of Lyddiard Millicent, 22 July 1603 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury)
-Burial of Robert Harbert in Wootton Bassett, 16 Dec 1611
-Will of John Wallis of Wootton Bassett, 26 Nov 1616 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury); needs research to confirm if he was the John who married Alice Weekes in Wootton Bassett in August 1587
-Will of John Parsons, Gentleman of Wootton Bassett, written 1623



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