This is a family history blog that focuses on my Firmin family research, beginning in east London in the late Georgian era.  Not only do these musings relate my attempts to get past my “brick walls”, but they explore a bit of the fabric of daily life for my ancestors and the blog allows me to post and answer questions of interest while incorporating visuals, maps and links.   Also, it’s not as messy as sewing, beading and paper-making!

I am working on a book that will feature Aunt Kate’s correspondence with her English cousins starting in the post-war years.

The primary family names (so far) are Firmin, Hall, and Kenning.  I’m happy to hear from you whether you are a distant cousin or simply a “friend of the family”.

The header is from a portrait of Kate Maud Firmin, my great aunt.




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  1. Hi, just read some of your posts, nice! I have a blog on Tallis’s Street Views (londonstreetviews.wordpress.com) and I found a Firmin in the index. I have not written about the firm yet, so cannot give you any information, but they are apparently Philip and Samuel Firmin, military ornament makers at 153 Strand. Are they related to your Firmins? There are no Kennings in the index, but quite a lot of Halls. One might be of interest: Hall & Allen, silk mercers at 69-71 St. Paul’s Churchyard, that is on the corner of Paul’s Alley. I saw you had found another Paul’s Alley, but maybe the one near the cathedral is also of interest.
    Good luck with your research and if I can help at all, let me know (baldwinhamey [at] gmail.com)

    • Your blog is just a treasure trove of information, thank you! I have not found any connection to the Firmins with the shop on the Strand – it would have to be back before 1800.I’m not ruling it out but I suspect my ancestors had more humble origins. It turns out that Harriet Hall of Paul’s Alley is not related, her [that is to say, my Harriet’s] husband was Thomas Hall, cowkeeper, and they lived a bit farther north on what is now Lever Street. I’ve added you to the blogroll.

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