Firmin & Related Family Trees

Fred & Kate Firmin in 1958

My grandfather, Fred Firmin, and his sister Kate at her home in Carmel in 1958.


John Firmin 1786-1850 & Sarah Kenning 1791-1863

John James Firmin 1817-??

George Firmin 1820-1869  m. Emily Hall

John Robert Firmin 1845-1888 m. Florence Long 1850-1934

——Charles Osborne Venoy Firmin 1878-1933

——Florence Firmin 1880-1882

——Alfred Fouracre Firmin 1882-1974

——John Robert Firmin 1884-1884

——Kate Maud Firmin 1885-1970

George Henry Berkeley Firmin 1847-1927
m. Sarah Hindon 1840-1894 (and two others)

——Sarah Kate Firmin 1872-1903

——Emily Louise Firmin 1873-1874

——George Thomas Firmin* 1875-1956

——Fanny Agnes Firmin* 1877-1965

——Arthur Edward Firmin* 1879-1955

Osborne Firmin 1848-1869, died as a young man in Africa

Emily Louise Firmin 1850-1937 m. John Marshall Trotter

——Constance Geraldine Louise Trotter  1882-1938

Frederick Thomas Kenning Firmin 1852-1908 m Fanny Scarman 1852-?

——Osborne Firmin 1874-1925

——Charles Firmin 1876-1876

——Susie Firmin 1877-1941

Thomas Francis Ernest Firmin 1854-?, died in America?

Kate Maud Firmin 1857-1938 m. William Beavan Baynham 1849-1933

——Amy Beatrice Baynham* 1881-1950

——Horace William Baynham 1884-1936

——Laura Kate Baynham 1896-1971

—–-Nellie Maud Baynham 1886-1956

Michael Lane Firmin 1859-?, died a bachelor in Africa?

Harriet Georgina Lane Firmin 1862-1942, m. twice, adopted two children

——Felicia Firmin 1894-1951

——Reginald Blackley 1898-1964

Edward Dorsett Firmin 1865-1943, died a bachelor

Robert Firmin 1822-1846

-John Firmin 1825-1861

Henry Firmin 1827-1877 m. Emma Mews 1824-1874

—Henry Firmin 1850-1919 m. Emily Jane Marshall

——Edith Emily Firmin 1876-1921

——Mabel Louisa Firmin 1878-1953

——Kate Ellen Firmin 1879-1972

——Henry William Firmin 1881-1881

——Dorothy Marion Firmin 1888-1972

-Samuel Firmin 1830-1837?


Thomas Hall 1790-1866 m Harriet Blackford~1792-1849

Dorothy Sylvester Hall 1817-1884
m. #1 William Smith 1797-1848

—Thomas Boyes Smith 1847-1901 (m Hannah Beasley, five children)

m. #2 Josiah Hall 1823-1886

—Robert Josiah Hall

—Emily Mary Ann Hall

—Frederick William Thomas Hall

—Edwin Hall

-Ann Hall 1820-?

-Emily Hall 1824-1847 see George Firmin

Harriet Hall 1833-?

William Hall 1835-1851

*This person, or a descendant of this person, corresponded with the American Kate Maud Firmin.


3 thoughts on “Firmin & Related Family Trees

  1. Alfre J. Firmin says:

    There is no mention of Alfre Fouracre Firmin’s wife,Wilhelmina Boehm, or their two children, John Boehm Firmin, or Rhoda Firmin.

  2. Alfred J. Firmin says:

    I misspelled Alfred John Firmin, and Alfred Fouracre Firmin.

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